Ranjeet, Sunil and Shish : Drivers in Rajasthan


My name is Ranjeet Singh. I was born in 1982. I'm married, I have a little daughter. I live in Delhi.

After working for agencies for over 4 years, in all Rajasthan, as a private driver, I decided, in 2012, to organize myself circuits to share my passion for my country.
So, I can both organise the circuits and carry them out with my clients.

I speak Hindi, Punjabi, and English.

Through my experience, I'll discover the most beautiful treasures of my country and meet the men and women who make the colors of the India.



Sunil was born in 1982. He is a friend of Ranjeet. He lives in Himachal Pracesh, and has 12 years experience as a driver as well.
He speaks Hindi, Punjabi, and English.


Shish has been working with Ranjeet for 5 years. He was born in 1965 and lives in Delhi. He has 25 years of experience as a driver.
He speaks Hindi and English.